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A Fractional-CTO is the same as a full-time CTO but hyperfocused on a particular mission.

  • Technical Solution Design

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Team Management

  • Technical Leadership

  • Code Reviews

  • System Design

  • Vendor selection (Software Selection)

  • Team and Individual Coaching

CTO On Retainer

Think of this like having a lawyer on retainer, you need expert legal guidance, you call your lawyer. But who do you call when you need expert and impartial technical guidance.

Run my technology for me

You have a business to grow and you don't want to deal with technology because it's just not your thing. Offload it all to your FCTO, hiring me means that I take over all technical matters, make the decisions that need to be made, and manage the people and the projects.

For Established Businesses

You have an established business and you don't need a full-time CTO, this is the perfect model for you. I do everything that a full-timer would need to do.

I am your technical right-arm and my job is to make sure your technical initiatives (I can help you set them) are a success from day one.

For Startups

From pre-seed to series-A, I act as your official CTO on a part-time basis. I manage your team(s), set the technical roadmap, advise on your ambitions, hire your people and design your solutions.

Operating Models



1-4 hours/week

Technical leadership advisory, directly by Whatsapp, Slack or email. Typically advises CEO, COO or managers



1-5 day/week

Part-time leadership at 2 hours per day. Takes over all technology operations and executes existing or new technical strategies.

Works with everyone from executives to developers.

A great option for Parental leave and sudden CTO departures



5 days/week

4 hours daily 5 days a week.

Same as Fractional, but much more involved.

Great option for Parental leave and sudden CTO departures

What to expect?

First 3 months

Implement a proper technical foundation, coach team members and solve major technical problems across the organization.

The technical roadmap that will be defined and executed will solve all stated known and unknown problems that are hurting growth/operations.

Great for pre-seed startups

3-12 months

With a sound technical foundation, the FCTO will now work with all departments in the company to optimize operations with technology and innovate new technologies.

Great for Small Businesses who don't need a fulltime CTO

12-24 months

In this time frame, the FCTO is a business partner and runs technology, innovation is the name of the game at this stage.






Great for companies for Small Businesses

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